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Results you can measure and see!

We offer services to help your organization to grow business and serve your customers better. We bring our expertise to help you design and execute a roadmap to success for your priorities by making your processes, people, and technology future-ready. 

Accelerate your Growth Plans

We work with Private Equity, Startups and SMB companies to adopt for organizational complexities and fluctuating macroeconomic trends. We can help you reinvent, measure, and accelerate your growth. Leverage our C suite experience to fast track , change or establish new organization structures. Stress test existing ventures and induce change catalyst with our disruptors. Many of our partners sit on the Board for startups.

Alliances and Partnerships

We will help you harness the best value from an external ecosystem, allowing you to jump-start your business, regardless of what stage your business is. If you already have an internal team driving partnerships, having a measurable and structured approach to who, when, what, and how will ensure you extract the highest value from your partners.

Analytics and Insights

We have experience designing and operationalizing data and Analytics shared service centers. With a unique Agile hub and spoke model, we can enable your company to tap into your internal people and tool’s strengths. We also help you create measurable success with external partners, vendors, and extract value from those engagements.

Efficient & Effective Operations

We will help you develop cost optimization initiatives and drive constant improvements across your enterprise. With assessment and opportunity identification for RPA, finding the most effective happy process path using process mining tools, using data and analytics to drive waste out, looking at member and consumer experience across channels and optimize it to traditional lean and six sigma culture adoption.

A Community of Experts

stratitnow also serves as a platform for experts to share their knowledge, experiences and help the broader ecosystem with unfiltered, unbiased personal content and advice. Experts on our platform represent a great mix of industry professionals, entrepreneurs, and academia to cover vast areas of operations, finance & procurement, data science, analytics, digital, innovation, strategy, mergers, and business development. We will share blogs, articles, whitepapers, and any social engagements by these experts. We’ll also update you on any future attendance at conferences and seminars.

Strategic Solutions

Bringing our expertise to help you design and execute a roadmap to success 

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