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I worked with Sohil on various initiatives, including developing and implementing accounting and operations to handle ACA accounting and controls. He was remarkably insightful and offered solution-focused strategies to address the multitude of requirements from the Government. Furthermore, he was vital in developing and building a phenomenal team that served us well for years.

Director Accounting Operations, A Blue Cross Company

Sohil is one inspirational leader! I have had the pleasure of getting to know Sohil over the past 2 years as he was leading an extensive global team partnership for us. He completely changed how our companies worked together and put us on a renewed path of success. Sohil brought innovative ideas, and his team did multiple strategy projects to help achieve our financial goals. Sohil delivered solutions through partners in the digital space and, at times, helped me validate market data.

Chief Procurement Officer, Top 10 National Healthcare Insurance Company

I witnessed Sohil build a go-to-market and business model that differentiates and solves fundamental fraud and transparency issues in the payer market. Sohil’s ability to bring innovative ideas to the table and his leverage network of industry execs is unlike anything I have seen before. He solves problems instead of just defining them. He also effectively navigates conflict, organizational cultures, and personalities, internally and externally.

Jared Lorinski

Chief Strategy Officer, Burgess Group

I had worked with Sohil since 2008 when we designed and implemented our Lean Six Sigma and Digital Process Automation practices. He brought his strategic thought leadership, deep industry expertise, and excellent resources to our partnership, leading to transformations and ideal business outcomes. Coupled with his extensive business understanding, he has a deep comprehension of change leadership and helped us integrate change management into our program.

Samantha Johnson

SVP & Director, First Citizens Bank

Sohil and I collaborated in Procurement & Finance for a Fortune 50 client. Using my company’s digital platform (Fairmarkit) bundled with the transformation digital services model, he led his group to define the vision, solution, and value prop of our combined offerings. He guided my sales, product, and account teams to package the product for its merits. I couldn’t be more impressed!

Tarek Alaruri

COO and Co-Founder, Fairmarkit

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