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Role of data and analytics in healthcare transformation – Prologue

What is the role of Data and Analytics in Healthcare Transformation? I want to share my personal experience combined with the literature in this domain and my observations of current healthcare industry trends. I want to publish them in a series of short posts over the next few months and welcome critique, comments, and discussion. I want to organize these posts according to the topics given below:

  1. Understanding the term “Transformation” and how it is different from “Change.”
  2. Healthcare ecosystem and key stakeholders – Regulators, Payors, Providers, and Members
  3. What does Transformation mean to each of the stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem
  4. Understanding Data and Analytics and the role of RPA, AI, and ML
  5. Administrative vs. Clinical data
  6. Role of Digital Transformation in Healthcare
  7. Digital products and service offerings in the Healthcare domain
    • Payor products
    • Provider products
    • Member products
  8. How does the digital footprint in healthcare look in 10/20/30 years?

For today, I want to close by asking, “ What is the difference between Change and Transformation?”. If you google this question, I am sure you will find thousands of definitions. However, two answers from unknown authors stuck with me and made the most sense.

  1. Expecting a different answer to the same question results in a Change and asking an entirely different question leads to Transformation.
  2. Adding or deleting a service offering or product from an existing portfolio is Change; however, replacing the entire portfolio with a new one is a Transformation.

We will meet soon with more on the above; until then, stay warm and safe!

Srini is Vice President, Operations at Centene Advanced Behavioral Health. He leads strategy execution, business integration and transformation with additional focus on business intelligence and analytics. These posts represent the personal views and opinions of Srini Karra and do not reflect the opinion and views of the company Centene.




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